Arkansas Watershed Resources Information Management System

Our project objectives were to develop and evaluate prototype applications that could enhance the geospatial workflow functions and facilitate information distribution to and from stakeholders, specifically within the non-riparian permitting program/division of ANRC. The goal if this project to develop effective strategies and tools which could increase internal efficiencies within the non-riparian permitting processes and to be better prepared for Arkansas’ next non-riparian water use boom.

Non-Riparian Water Use (ARNC 2017)

Our goals for Arkansas’ watershed resources

The Arkansas Natural Resources Commission (ANRC) is responsible for permitting the transport of water for non-riparian uses within Arkansas. Over the past several years, non-riparian water use for natural gas fracking activities in the Fayetteville Shale Play has resulted in significant non-riparian permit activity and a significant amount of data must be managed and shared among all participants. Information and data related to the timing, location, and quantity of permitted non-riparian water use within the Fayetteville Shale Play is of great importance and of interest to many agencies, our citizens, and conservation partners. During Arkansas' recent ‘boom’ in non-riparian water usage the quantity of this permit data workload/processing dramatically increased. ANRC decided to investigate the development a more stream-lined geospatial data system that could improve internal permitting processes, increase the agencies data management capacity while also enhancing their ability to better distribute information to stakeholders.